Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: the last hour

For the last hour, I’ve been sitting in my nice, warm bed with my laptop on my lap. My thoughts have been about Mom (pronounced Mum) and her legacy.

The weekly prompt at is legacy this week. It took me back to a dairy farm in western Pennsylvania, sitting at the supper table with my parents and four sisters, being repeatedly coached in table manners. Of course, it all seemed pointless to me at the time. When you’re six…or sixteen…who really cares if you put your elbows on the table or grab for the last ear of sweet corn?

Now that time and experiences (and thoughtful observation) have brought a broader perspective, I “get it.”

Like it or not, we’re evaluated and categorized by our behaviors.

It’s fine (although limiting) to think it doesn’t matter. And if no social exchange is involved in one’s life, it seems that might be right. But if you have the need to go the grocery store, to ride a bus, drive a car or have one repaired, walk down a sidewalk that’s being used by others, see a doctor, buy a postage stamp (you get the idea), good sense and good manners smooth the way, removing obstacles, opening doors.

I don’t pretend to know what lies beyond this life…but I do hope that somehow she knows that my left hand is in my lap, I’m sitting up straight, I don’t talk over other people, and I understand why it matters.

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ren.kat said...

I'm having meme meltdown. . . Sunday Scribbles and the Haiku meme. I believe I've unraveled it now. Some busy people out there.

This is great- my grandfather gave me a legacy like this. Things that seemed pointless at the time. . . maybe they are like maturing bonds instead of gifts? Thanks for sharing.